Amy’s Rules

I was reminded of a funny thing–the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition from Star Trek. This race of aliens had a certain code for doing business, a code comprised of a number of rules. But I have some rules–some I live by, and others I try to.

For instance, getting dressed every morning (and not lounging in my PJ’s all day) is a rule for me. It makes me ready for the day, every day. And I try to always thank people for gifts–but it’s a real shortcoming of mine that I frequently forget to do so within a reasonable time frame.

But in the last few years, I’ve embarked on a new path–that of a homemaker and mom. I spent many years in college earning an engineering degree, of which I am tremendously proud, but it doesn’t define my life right now. Instead, I’m doing a job for which I have no experience to rely on, nor any training to assist me. So making sense of my life right now is easier with some rules. My rules are my routines and my steps to improve myself; they’re my goals and my lessons. I’m learning on-the-job, so to speak, even some of the most basic household tasks. I’m learning how to cook, how to clean, how to sew, how to raise a child, how to be a better servant of God.

I want to use the blog to share what I learn–firstly so I can reflect and continue to improve, and also for anyone else who might benefit from the same lessons. Here goes…


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