Rule 1: Get Dressed

When I first mentioned this ‘rule’ to my husband, he was at first surprised but then immediately realized that I do this every single day!

And it almost seems silly to mention it because–doesn’t everyone get dressed in the morning? But it might be tempting, especially for someone who is staying home, to stay in one’s pajamas or lounge clothes. But even though I am a “stay at home” mom, I don’t stay in my pajamas–I get dressed every day. I get dressed like I’m going to a job, or going out shopping, or meeting friends. I have the luxury of dressing “casual” (for me that means lots of jeans) but I’m always ready to go. Once I’m dressed I feel a bit more professional, like I’m not going to just lounge around.

There’s also a system out there for would-be homemakers, from FlyLady, and the very first “baby step” she recommends, after cleaning your sink, is getting “dressed to shoes” every day. Meaning, she wants you to actually put on lace-up shoes every day. Like you’re really ready to work. And there’s a benefit to that–if you need to step outside to take out the trash or something, you’re ready. And you’ve got supportive footwear on, since you’ll probably be on your feet a while. But most people I know take their shoes off inside for cleanliness, and most of the time I just wear some Crocs slippers instead of shoes. (I have had some problems with my feet though, when I do need to wear shoes pretty much all the time.)

When I do need to step outside, I often need to add something else–a headscarf, maybe a coat, and probably shoes. I don’t normally wear make-up, and don’t have to do too much with my hair since I wear a scarf. But just getting fully dressed gets me started for the day. So that’s my first rule–get dressed.

Of course there are exceptions–when I’m really, really sick. It’s happened a couple times, I came down with pneumonia, and spent the day laying down anyway. But those exceptions, in this case, just prove the rule. Now if any little things come up–need to take out the trash, get the mail, run to the store, or take my son out to the park. He also has to get dressed every day–so I figure, I’m also setting a good example.

Rule 1: Get dressed!


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