A Halal Meat Home

Even after converting to Islam, I still followed an opinion that largely allowed meat even if it wasn’t dhabihah or halal, which is to say properly slaughtered according to Islam. But my husband insisted on hand-slaughtered halal meat, so after getting married, my home became a halal meat home; we only buy and cook halal meat.

It’s not a huge deal–we buy our meat from a local butcher shop, which does limit selection a little bit. And there are very few prepared meats or frozen meats we can buy. I guess that’s just more encouragement to eat healthier food at home, and avoid processed foods.

If Butterball does indeed sell certified halal turkeys (according to the video), or someone else does,┬áthen it means I might get to try making a turkey myself this Thanksgiving. (Is Thanksgiving halal?)┬áNormally I’ve spent the day with my family in North Carolina, but this year I won’t be able to travel home. If I decide to celebrate it here, and invite some friends over, bring on the turkey!