New Problem: Whining

In the last week or two, my son has picked up a new habit of whining. It’s such a frustrating and grating noise, and nothing seems to appease him–except the iPad, unfortunately. We’ve let him indulge in more screen time since the surgery, as it’s painful for him to play as much as he used to, but want to restrict it more now since it’s really not the best thing to play with. (And who doesn’t know that the pediatricians recommend 2 hours/day max, if any at all, for toddlers?)

“Up.” I pick him up and put him on the counter.

“Down.” I put him back on the floor.

“Sit.” I put him back on the counter.

“No.” Back on the floor.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to maybe fix him a dose of medicine (we’re still alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol right now from the surgery), fix him some milk, or fix him some food.

But I can’t get anything done for him while he’s whining!

So I was pretty intrigued when this article showed up on my Facebook feed: What’s the Cure for Whining?

I read it today, in fact, during my son’s nap. It wasn’t long after he woke up that the whining started, so I had a chance to implement my new knowledge.

Instead of appeasing his request (iPad–and we’re trying to regulate his screen time), I clearly told him no. I told him no again and again and the whining escalating into crying–I expected crying. There was no tantrum, but quite a few minutes of crying, to me and also to my husband. But I sat on the floor for him the whole time. Eventually he came and laid down beside me, resting his head on me, and soon after that we were enjoying a book together.

Problem solved? I’m not sure, since he whined some more a couple of hours later, for the same thing. We still haven’t given it to him, though as I write this, he’s watching Dora on hubby’s computer.